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From harmony to counterpoint

The connexion between image and text is related to music writing.

Harmony is the search for unison, for triad. Counterpoint is the art of placing distinct melodic lines side by side.

Following the same principle, an illustration may be either in phase with the text, bordering on paraphrase, or out of line with it, in order to bring a different note up to an abrupt change in tone.

Some exercises require harmony, some others allow counterpoint. In a comic strip, of course, the osmosis between text and image must be total. On the other hand, a poster may take liberties with its subject. The visual impact is of prime importance. The passer-by's attention has to be won in a split second, what the text does not allow to do. Between these two extremes, an illustration for a book or a record sleeve leaves a varying range of liberty.

Comic strip
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