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Creations: Furniture

Chair Aliud filum
Wood, steel tube
May a seat be asymmetrical?

Coffe table Ager arundinum
Laminated glass
Homage to Gerrit Rietveld

Range of seats Delphinus
Wooden frame, polyurethane foam, fabric or leather
Each item may be used isolated or be placed side by side endlessly

Chair Undula
Moulded plywood, steel tube
Both parts may hold to each other without any fastening

Unit chair Aspis inaspicius
Transparent PMMA, polyurethane foam, fabric or leather
To be placed side by side endlessly

Sofa Minimum
Moulded plywood, polyurethane foam, leather
Search of the most simple expression

Armchair Multiplicatio
Coloured transparent PMMA
A sheet is just cut and folded



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