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In search of "essensuel"

An idea, a gesture, a form.

What is more banal than sitting down or opening a door? An everyday gesture, being repeated many times, requires great consideration. An ergonomical shape, whithout stylistic effect, stands out by itself: the work of a designer has to be able to keep in the background.

Comfort is a mixed notion. The shape of a product must be exactly fit for a gesture or an use. But it is not enough. Another comfort is important too: visual comfort. The first meeting with a product goes through the glance. This meeting is decisive. By its shape, a product must speak to us about its use and ask us to use it. It has to be welcoming, warm, almost friendly. To give expression to this double search — of essence, for the senses — Edouard Vitrant coined a new word: "essensuel".

In the martial arts, the gesture is more important than its result. The search of "essensuel" follows the same way, the way of the nobleness of gesture.



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